Alerts can be created for a query or formula to notify (via Notification Channel) when a certain condition is met.

Metrics based alert (same as Create alerts)

Assume we want to alert if TVL of your project is below a threshold, you could

  • Select the metric that represents the TVL

  • Add a alert condition

  • Choose a notification channel Notification Channel

Note you can also use formula in alerts

Log based Alerts

You can count certain number of logs matching a criteria, and setup alerts based on the condition.

Alert Message

Beyond static content, you can also reference variables inside your alert message. In log based alert, you can use .Samples to reference the list of the event log instances. e.g. For event log recored an amount field, you can customize the message like this:

Transfer events found:
{{ range .Samples }}
value {{.amount}}, at chain: {{.chain}}
{{ end }}

The syntax is straightforward here:

  • {{.VARIABLE_NAME}} is to reference a variable or field (same as you defined in your event log) by name.

  • {{range .VARIABLE_NAME}} ... {{ end }} is to loop through a list of elemments if the variable is a list.

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