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Data Source

From the data source page, you can do the followings:
  • Monitor status of the processor (by chain)
  • Debug processor (console logs)
  • Version control

Processor Status

At first, you will see a page showing that the processor is starting.
When the processor is doing backfill, you can visualize the detailed process status. In the example below, you can first see there are 2 sections, one for EVM and another for Aptos, then there are different progress for different chains.

Debug processors

Console log

You can see all the console logs (and part of the system logs) under chain status. See Debug processors
Note: console log has a 7-day retention

Error status

If your processor reports an error, you could visualize it by clicking the Error Status.

Version Control (Only available for Paid Users)

Enable multi-version

By default, every new upload overrides the previous upload. But users can enable multi-version from Setting page.

Set active version

After you enable multi-version, your previous version keeps running until you explicit switch the active version. The data of the old version will be deleted after a small delay.

Abandon a version

It is possible that you upload a new processor and found an issue in it, you could always abandon it and work on a new version.
We support at most 2 versions with running processors and data stored. It means that you can have at most one active version and one pending version.