📕Event Logs

Every event log is a structured data stored in Sentio. Users can submit it from Sentio Processor as decribed in Event Logs In Processors

Log Levels

Sentio allows users to submit and search for logs. Logs naturally have 5 levels:


  • INFO




System Labels

Sentio also attach system labels automatically to the log, including:

  • Contract

  • Address

  • Chain

Event Analytics

Follow Event Analytics Dashboardto learn how to visualize Events.

Filter Event Logs on UI

Using the menu on the left hand side, users can filter the log based on Log Levelsand System Labels. The Labels selection is standard faceted search filters.

  • Click a label switch between All and Only

  • Click the checkbox exclude a label

We support full-text search on logs. If you want to search all the SWAP USDC:

Search with conditions


Let's find all the logs with a given poolName


Let's find all the logs with amount between 1000 to 10000.

Composite conditions

The conditions are composable

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