📐Aggregation, Functions and Formulas

Space aggregation

Define the space aggregation used to combine the values of multiple series of a metric. For example, you can use it to sum up the withdrawal amount of different pool addresses.

The possible options are:

  • Average of reported values

  • Max of reported values

  • Min of reported values

  • Sum of reported values

  • Count of reported values


You can optionally add functions to your query using the function button. Not all functions are available for all metric types. The function will apply to each of the individual series.

We currently support a subset of PromQL query functions and are expanding the supports. The functions are grouped as:

  • Math: simple math expressions such as abs, floor, etc

  • Aggregation over time: calculate the sum/average/max/min of all values in the specific time interval, e.g. you could use sum_over_time of 24 hours to draw bar charts of a Defi contract's daily trading volume.

  • Rollup: This is similar to Aggregation over time but with discrete values.

  • Rate: compute delta or per seconds rate of the series.

  • Rank: select top K series or bottom K series, a series is in top/bottom K as long as it has been top/bottom K during the time span that user selects.


You can combine two or more metrics by using a formula. For example, you can calculate the net mint amount of a smart contract by subtracting the burn amount from the mint amount. You do this by first adding two queries of the burn and mint metrics, and then adding a formula with the expression b - a.

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