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Processor Basic

The core concept of a Sentio project is Processor. A processor is usually a typescript project that contains logic to use blockchain data to generate user-defined data to sentio. The processor should be written using Sentio's SDK framework and be submitted and run on Sentio.
A Sentio processor could handle multiple contracts on multiple chains. To import a contract, simple copy the contract's ABI JSON file into abis directory. Run sentio build or sentio gen will generate contract processor files into the src/types directory.
Then you can use the generated contract processor class to bind to an address, and add different handlers, the SDK also comes up with several built-in contract processors, a minimal processor example with built-in ERC20 processor is:
import { ERC20Processor } from '@sentio/sdk/eth/builtin/erc20'
ERC20Processor.bind({ address: '0x1e4ede388cbc9f4b5c79681b7f94d36a11abebc9', network: EthChainId.ETHEREUM })
.onEventTransfer((event, ctx) => {
The above code first bind ERC20 contract processor to a specific address on the ethereum mainnet (specify with network=CHAIN_IDS.ETHEREUM, can be omitted if just using Ethereum mainnet). Then it registers a function that handles Transfer event, for each of these events, we add the transfer value to a metric named token.
If you bring your own ABI, our codegen will automatically generate all event handler registration method in a typesafe way as well.