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Welcome to Sentio

Monitor. Analyze. Diagnose. All In One Place.
(New) Sentio launched Transaction Search and Sentio Debugger.


Sentio provides modern monitoring, alerting, log management and debugging for decentralized applications as an integrated and hosted experience.
Users can use Sentio’s SDK to collect and transform Metrics and Event Logs generated based on their smart contracts’ events, transactions, traces and states. Sentio fully manages the indexing process, and users can visualize and set up Alerts on the metrics and perform advanced search on the logs, all via Sentio’s web interface. Users can further dig into a transaction via Sentio Debugger.
Fully Integrated Experience
For the complete real-time monitoring of sample projects which cover both Metricsand Event Logs, See
See Supported Networksfor chains supported.
See Sentio 101 tutorial below (The aptos version is here)

Get Started

We've put together some helpful guides for you to get set up with our product quickly and easily.

Getting Help

If there are issues or problem can't be resolved in the doc, please contact us
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