🔒Quotas and Limits

Sentio Units

Sentio charges usage via Sentio Units.

  • Every Logical Metricscosts 1 Sentio Units

  • Every Logical Event Logscosts 2 Sentio Units

  • Every Logical Webhookcosts 3 Sentio Units

  • Every Node RPC costs 1 Sentio Units (List will be updated)

  • Every Sentio API request costs 1 Sentio Unit.

"Logical" means the emission from the processor. We do not charge the actual physical storage data, which could often be more than what users actually submit in processor.


Processors are running in 2 stages. First Backfill and then Watching

We DO NOT charge any Sentio Units for backfill and only charge processing latest.

Concurrent Backfill

Since backfill is free, we limit the concurrent backfill one user can run. Currently, free tier can run 1 concurrent backfill.

Number of Series

Number of Projects

Free tier users can have at most 3 projects.

Number of Alerts

Free tier users can have at most 3 alerts.

How the usage of multi-version is computed?

If you enabled multi-version (say the 2 versions are X and Y, X being the new version), the backfill stage is always free. Once version X reaches the state of Watching, the Sentio units usage of both X and Y will be counted until you switch to the active version to X. (then the usage of Y will no longer be counted). Similarly, if you abandon version X, then the usage of X will no longer be counted.

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