Generate all the types

Sentio has a list of builtin ABIs for aptos, e.g. the 0x1, and 0x3 modules. You can directly use them, e.g.

import { coin } from '@sentio/sdk/aptos/builtin/0x1'

coin.bind().onEventWithdrawEvent((evt, ctx) => {
  if (evt.guid.account_address === '0x9c5382a5aa6cd92f38ffa50bd8ec2879833997116499cc5bcd6d4688a962e330') {

Use #sentio-addto fetch ABIs for your modules.

Then run

yarn sentio build


You can also download the account modules through, replace the address with your own account address, and put the result as a json file under abis/aptos directory.

It will generate all the types under src/types/aptos. And download all depended account modules' abi into abis/aptos directory.

If you want to work on testnet. Download the directory to abis/aptos/testnet instead and files will be generated to abis/apots/testnet . We need to know it's under testnet directory so that we could try located the depended modules in testnet.

If you mainnet and testnet has the same exact ABI, you don't need to download ABI twice. Just download module for mainnet, and then use BindOptions to override network. e.g.

// This is for testnet
SouffleChefCampaign.bind({ network: AptosNetwork.TEST_NET })
  .onEntryPullTokenV2((call, ctx) => {

// This is for mainnet
  .onEntryPullTokenV2((call, ctx) => {