Monitor Pancake Swap IFO deposit

Here we go through one example as follows

Import libs

You could import both libs from custom generated types from sentio codegen, or system builtin types

import { IFO } from "./types/aptos/movecoin.js";
import { swap } from './types/aptos/pancake-swap.js'

Monitor Event

You could setup the processor to be triggered by any onEventDepositEvent (Generated from our codegen)

    .onEventDepositEvent(async (evt, ctx)=>{
      ctx.eventLogger.emit("user", {
        distinctId: evt.data_decoded.user, eventLabel: "Deposit",
        amount: evt.data_decoded.amount,

Using filters

For a more detailed guide, read #aptos


See this repo for full implementation. To learn how to view metrics and build dashboards from the UI, go to #graphing-1