Upload Compilation

There are two ways to upload a compilation for the use of #override-contract.

Upload Via UI

Navigate to Contracts -> Compilations, and then click "Upload Compilation"

Then you could choose a json file that existed in your hardhat artifact directory. e.g. ./artifacts/build-info/c8ebc50e7bb836cebb977bb299387552.json , then you can choose which contract listed there should be uploaded.

Via Hardhat Plugin

We also provide a hardhat plugin for more seamless integration with your contract development workflow. You can find our plugin in Github.

To get started, add dependencies in your hardhat project.

yarn add -D @sentio/cli @sentio/hardhat-sentio

The login with sentio cli.

npx sentio login

Import sentio plugin and specify the project in hardhat.config.ts

import "@sentio/hardhat-sentio"


const config: HardhatUserConfig = {
  sentio: {
    project: "<user|org>/<project_name>"

Upload and verify contracts with CLI.

npx hardhat sentio:upload Contract1,Contract2

npx hardhat sentio:verify --contract Contract2 --address 0xF03441E04F1f602e8Eb3ab80735a79880CA05AE6 --chain 137