Single-step mode


To use single-step mode, you need:

  • Turn on single-step mode
  • (optionally) Use Debug Build -- Sentio will recompile the contract with different compiler parameters to achieve the best source mappings. See #limitations

Debugger options

Use the debugger

The debugger has standard definitions of

  • Step-Over: Move to the next line of execution.
  • Step-Into: If there is a function, steps into the function.
  • Step-Out: If we are in a function, steps out the function to the upper level.
  • Continue: This is the standard break-point.
  • Restart: Restart from the beginning.

Inspect variables

The debugger automatically shows the local variables within the call context, and all the contract variables.

The debugger also supports adding user defined watched variables (similar to a regular debugger)


  • contract compiled with viaIR option is not fully supported
  • When debug with release build, since it's fully optimized, there might be source-mapping issues and unexpected execution orders. You may read more about build-mode, and consider switching to other build mode.