Hosted Subgraph

In addition to Sentio processor, Sentio is also compatible Subgraph, while Sentio still provide same GraphQL API endpoint, we also provide SQL API, dashboards, multi-versioning, etc, many of the benefits that Sentio processor have provided. However in order to get max performance and usability, we still highly recommend to use Sentio Processor.

To create a Subgraph, first create a project and choose Subgraph as project type.

Then upload your graph to this project with:

npx @sentio/cli graph deploy --owner $PROJECT_OWNER --name $PROJECT_NAME

Once it get uploaded, use data-source page to view progress. And use data studio to access either GraphQL or SQL.

Recommended subgraph version is:

@graphprotocol/graph-cli: 0.68.5
@graphprotocol/graph-ts: 0.32.0


Currently Sentio Subgraph doesn't have trace handler.