Event Logs In Processors

Users can write the following code to submit logs in processor using the following code:

    distinctId: event.args.from, // optional, enable for analytic use case
    severity: LogLevel.INFO, // optional
    message: `Deposit ${amount} ${tokenInfo.symbol} at ${ctx.blockNumber}`), // optional, enable for better text search
    amount: amount, // you can also put other attributes

The supported log levels are:

export enum LogLevel {
  DEBUG = 0,
  INFO = 1,
  WARNING = 2,
  ERROR = 3,

Distinct ID

You might notice there is an distinctId field. If missing, null is used. Note, this is critical for Sentio to compute analytics related to DAU, WAU, etc.

The logs will be shown from the logs page, see details at event-logs