➡ Submitting Event Logs


Event Log API is the same among all different chains.

Typical Case For DAU

Assume you'd like to emit a log for all swap user activities in order to compute the Daily unique wallets. You could do the followings:

 .onEventSwapEvent(async (evt, ctx) => {
   ctx.eventLogger.emit("user", { distinctId: ctx.transaction.sender })

Submit Attributes

You could also attach attributes to the event log:

.onEventDepositEvent(async (evt, ctx)=>{
  ctx.eventLogger.emit("user", {
    distinctId: evt.data_decoded.user, eventLabel: "Deposit",
    amount: evt.data_decoded.amount,

To view the results of the submitted logs, see view-and-search-event-logs


For more detailed information about how to submit logs in processor, refer to logs-in-processor

For the definition, refer to event-logs